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Budget and User Friendly Websites

The websites designed by Stoode are fully featured and easy to navigate. We are proficient in designing both static as well as dynamic websites. They offer a path to create web presence and placing you directly in front of your target market within your financial resources. And, most importantly, these websites are built with robust technology and essential features which can be scaled higher in future.

Website Application Development

A website application development is a software solution which can be accessed through a web browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc) over the Internet; or through an Intranet (a secure "Internet-like" system within company itself without any external access to public). Website applications are combined with sophisticated business logic and databases to offer easy to use functionality to users. In addition, Website application development often includes ecommerce functionality. Browse through some of the website applications we have developed for our clients.

The capability and skill to update and manage website applications without distribution and installation of software’s on possibly thousands of customers computers is a chief reason for its popularity.

Website Hosting

Stoode Website Hosting packages are designed in such a way that they complement our custom website solutions. We have dedicated servers located in a secure data center environment with incomparable uptime and we do not deploy several sites on a single server.

Website Maintenance

You have a website which needs maintenance? Stoode offers website maintenance at affordable cost. We will evaluate your website free of cost and chalk out the most cost effective method for the same

Internet Marketing

No business is effective and profitable today without a well-planned and strategic Internet Marketing Plan. Our web marketing experts creates a detailed plan for your business taking into account both your online and offline marketing activities. We create a plan which helps you in reaching out your target audience and thus increase your revenue through online medium.

We are a leading Web Solutions Company in New York, Chicago, Miami and Lima offering services such as Web Site Design, Website Application Development, Internet Marketing  which covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) etc. Contact us now!

For Designers / Developers


As a developer, you likely live and breathe code. However you might not necessarily have an eye for design – and even if you do, it might not be your favorite part of the job.

As a developer, you likely live and breathe code. But you might not essentially have an eye for design and even if you do, it might not be your favorite part of the job. If you are a developer and need help with a design, we would be happy to design a web site for you, and provide you with the final layered Photoshop file that you can code yourself.


Alternatively, there are many designers who prefer to focus strictly on design. If this is the case, you can leave the web site coding to us!

Send us your layered Photoshop mock-up and we will code the web site in valid XHTML / CSS for you – either as a static web site, or a custom web site application theme.

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