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Is Email Marketing the Right Digital Strategy?

02 Thu

With all of the digital marketing strategies available, it’s easy to get lost in where your focus should be.  Social media, video, and email marketing are all important digital channels that are proving to be a driving force in connecting with customers and generating buzz about your product and brand.

To first understand which channel is effective, it is important to distinguish between the two types of digital engagement marketing. In order to reach a customer online, you will either have to use contact information they provided or try a broader approach to bring them to you. 

The first form that requires a customer (current or perspective) to give you their permission to contact them. This can come in the form of subscribing via online and giving you an email address or by querying a search engine. This is effective because it shows a user is already at engaged at some level, and wants to learn more about what you offer. The second form of engagement marketing, and comes from the opposite end of the spectrum, where digital marketing aims at people who haven’t connected with your brand. This form of advertising can be expensive and less effective because you have to spend more on advertising and reach out to an audience that may not want or care about your messaging. Sometimes, digital marketing channels fall into either category; social media, for example, is permission-based.

Despite the potential of email marketing, there is still a disconnect in some companies realizing its effectiveness.  Even if a user has given you permission and indicated this is their preferred way to receive communication, a company still has to craft an email that is both engaging and well designed for its target audience. 

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