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Web hosting services makes available the website of the user to be viewed by any internet users 24*7 by storing the content of the site on a remote server. Uptime is one of the important aspects to be considered in web hosting technology. The word “Uptime” refers to the percentage of time the website is accessible online. Therefore, for every customer, it is important that they get a maximum uptime values. While the uptime value is very crucial, no technology can perfectly track the server’s state and thus it is important that you do your independent uptime monitoring. This can prove quite beneficial in emergency situations.


Users with personal forums or blogs need not be much worried about this but if you are into e-business or if you have website for marketing purpose or e-commerce then the downtime of server can have adverse effect in the revenue.  For this uptime tracking becomes vital as the reputation and revenue of the company depends upon the availability of the site content. You may come up with several questions while you decide to monitor the uptime value. Can we get 100% uptime? What method should we use to monitor uptime? Which method of monitoring is most accurate? You need to do your homework perfectly before you start with the uptime monitoring.



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